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The Well
The Well
Old Dove Bridge
Old Dove Bridge

There has been a settlement at Doveridge for hundreds of years. The Anglo Saxons were here, probably growing flax by the River Dove and burning charcoal in the woods. The water from the Dove would have been very useful for many things.

Legend has it that Robin Hood was married to Maid Marian under the Old Yew Tree in the church yard; there you can read verses from a 14th century poem that are believed to be about them. Even then the Yew Tree would have been old - its age has been estimated at 1,400 years!

When the Normans invaded in 1066 they brought with them the system of Manor Houses as a central village focus. Although not dating from 1066, the Manor House in Doveridge can still be seen opposite the Primary School.

Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge

The Old School House is in the High Street. After the education act of 1891 that introduced free education for all (so education was no longer only available to those who could afford it) the Old School was not big enough for the increased number of children. Eventually the new Primary School was built and the juniors moved into it in 1974. Enlargement followed and so did the infants! They moved in 1979 to the improved accommodation.

Doveridge Hall c.1912<br />(By kind permission of<br />Mr T Deville)
Doveridge Hall c.1912
(By kind permission of
Mr T Deville)

Doveridge Hall was built by Sir Henry Cavendish in 1769 and commanded superb views across the River. In 1792 the Cavendish family became Lords Waterpark and the Hall was used by the family until 1894; with their revenue from Ireland seriously reduced, they decided to rent the Hall out as a way of obtaining a more substantial income.

Mr Frank Addison Brace leased the Hall from 1891 and was so incensed by the peasants walking too close to it that he petitioned the Parish Council until he was given permission to have the Suspension Bridge built and the footpath diverted. The diversion took the footpath from the Suspension Bridge on a raised footpath to Uttoxeter. Mr Brace had the Bridge built in 1898 and then spent £6,000 to raise the footpath on the Staffordshire side - a considerable expense for increased privacy.

After falling into disrepair the Hall was finally demolished in 1938/9.

Doveridge continues to grow and we are lucky to enjoy living in a thriving community with over 1,500 inhabitants. The village itself boasts good facilities and there should be an organisation to interest most people. The beautiful Derbyshire countryside that surrounds the village has many treasures to offer those who venture into it - so be wild - go for a walk and enjoy yourself!


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