Village Hall booking

An easy five-stage process

  1. Check whether the Hall is available on the day you have chosen: Doveridge Village Hall is a popular venue for both regular and occasional activities, so we suggest you look at the bookings diary to check when it is available. If you have any difficulty fitting your event (or events) in please call our Bookings Secretary.
  2. Check the hiring charge for your event which are appended to the booking form: View our Booking form & Current Hire Charges.
  3. Download the Hiring Forms: Download and print the Conditions of Hire (March 2016) and Booking Form. If you are planning a Wedding Reception please have a look at our latest brochure. to see the excellent facilities we can offer for you very special day. To book the Hall for a wedding reception you must use the Wedding Reception Booking Form.

    Please read the forms carefully and make sure that all your queries have been answered. A non refundable deposit of £10 is required to confirm your booking, together with a separate good care deposit that will be refunded provided the Hall is left in a clean and tidy condition – as specified on the form. If you wish to make use of the ‘Concierge Cleaning’ service, at £11.00 per hour, please contact our Bookings Secretary.

    If alcohol will be consumed (whether or not there will be a pay bar) you must contact our Licence Supervisors, giving details of the event you are planning. PLEASE NOTE. Without one of their signatures your booking cannot be confirmed. There is an additional charge of £10 to cover the licensing costs.

  4. Hirers’ Information Sheet: Download and print the Hirers’ Information Sheet to get useful details and facilities of the Hall that will help you plan your event.
  5. Return the completed Booking Form: Please send the completed form, together with your two deposits, to our Bookings Secretary.

Hirers’ Responsibilities

The Village Hall Management Committee is responsible for providing the best possible facilities that will meet your expectations. Please help the committee to maintain these high standards by treating these facilities with respect. Here are a few tips to ensure your event goes without any hitches.

  1. Arrange to collect the Hall keys from the Bookings Secretary in good time to set up for your event, and also agree a time you will be returning them.
  2. Turn the air conditioning on (allowing at least 1 hour for the rooms to reach the set temperature on very cold days).
  3. Return all the chairs and tables to their designated places, not stacking the chairs more than three high – to avoid them sticking together.
  4. Make sure all the rooms are left clean and tidy.
  5. Make sure all the air conditioning units and lights are turned off and the windows and doors are shut before leaving.
  6. Return the keys to the Bookings Secretary – or a designated person that you have agreed with the Bookings Secretary.